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Why Simultaneous Interpretation is so ‘expensive’?

We are sure that you have heard this questions so many times from your own clients. Our most commonly asked question is “Why simultaneous interpretation service is so ‘expensive’”

Let’s breakdown the total cost of what you are paying for. First of all, simultaneous interpretation is not an easy task even for someone who speaks two or more languages. The interpreters need to be taught at a specialised school (for e.g: Monterey Institute of International Studies, US, California). After which, interpreters improve their skills by often interpreting for free to gain experience. When they receive an official job, countless hours goes into extensive preparation and studies prior to the conference to ensure that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Pre-event preparation, talent and lots of experience is what makes up the bulk of the interpretation service. The work that interpreters do are so intense that they often reject jobs prior to an important conference.


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