Translation and Interpretation Solutions for Insurance

The insurance industry is fraught with financial, indemnity, legal and insurance lingo. Many of these, though commonly understood in English, may prove to be misleading and inaccurate if translated wrongly in other languages. With success rates hinging on trust and strong relationships, nothing is more important in the insurance field than getting clear communication, vital information, and effective messages out to customers. In addition, When your insurance products are in multiple languages, you gain the power to tap into markets across the globe. Communicating in your customers’ native languages heightens their understanding and inevitably, their trust, loyalty, and sense of security.  By leveraging on multilingual translation and interpretation solutions for insuranceElite Interpreters Asia can assist you to expand and grow your businesses locally and internationally.

ILP Global Solution

Future-Proof your Investment-Linked Plans – As your customer pool gets more global, you need to gain their trust with clear communication in the language they understand. Win their loyalty and confidence with precise factsheets, funds reports, and market overviews.

What It Covers?

Prospectuses & KIIDsGuides for InvestorsPortfolio Review
Factsheets & Sell-Sheets> Market OverviewsQuarterly & Annual Funds Reports

Insurance Coverage Solution

Cover All Grounds with Insurance Translation – The purchasing of insurance policies often hinges on trust and strong relationships. Increase your success rate with international customers by giving them clear information with accurately translated lingo & vital advice.

What It Covers?

> Insurance Booklets> Disclosure Statements> Benefit Packages & Summaries
> Policy Brochures> Beneficiary Designation & Forms> Forms & Enrolment Forms
> Insurance Policy Contracts> Tour Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)Insurance Claims
>  Tour Confirmation & Renewal Letters>  Summary of Benefits (SOBs) & Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

Insurance Market Extension Solution

Extend Your Reach With Insurance Translation – When your insurance products are in multiple languages, you gain the power to tap into markets. Communicate in your customers’ native languages to help them better understand your products and bestow a sense of security.

What It Covers?

> Multilingual Website> Press Releases> Brochures
> Blog Articles> AdvertisementsCSR Reports
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use   

Why Choose Us?

ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
Guaranteed Quality
Global & Technical Knowledge
Native Speaker / Specialist Only
Fast Turnarounds
Dedicated Account & Project management
Competitive Pricing
Unlimited Revision Rounds*

*Depending on scale of project

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