Interpreting FAQs

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous Interpretation 

  • Message is conveyed at the same time as the speaker speaks.
  • Little to no delay between speaker’s speech and interpretation.
  • 2 interpreters needed due to the taxing nature.
  • Suitable for large scale events like Conferences, Summits, Board Meetings, Focus Groups etc.
  • Equipment is usually needed.

Consecutive Interpretation

  • Message is conveyed in the required target language when the speaker pauses after a few sentences.
  • Event may overrun as time taken can be twice as long due to the interpretation.
  • 1 interpreter is sufficient (uses a portable wireless system if there is a big group).
  • Suitable for Business Meeting, discussions, Site Visits etc.

What interpretation equipment does Elite Interpreters Asia offer?

Bosch Simultaneous System
*comes with one soundproof booth, two interpreters desk microphone, one channels transmitter, infra-red radiators, infra-red receivers with headsets and set-up crew/technician during the event.*

  • Supports 2-way interpretation
  • Interpreter’s voices is inaudible as the booth blocks their voices

Portable Wireless Simultaneous System
*comes with one stationary transmitter, one portable wireless transmitter with mic, portable wireless receivers with headset, one technician for set up and during the event.*

  • Supports 1 way interpretation
  • Interpreter’s voices may be audible over the speaker’s voice (become a distraction)
  • Suitable for limited venue space

What languages does Elite Interpreters Asia interpret?

At Elite Interpreters Asia, our specialty lies in the interpretation of Asian Languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Malay, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Tamil, Myanmar, Laos, Khmer and more. We also have a good network of interpreters for major European languages like French, German, Italian and Spanish which has higher demand in the market.

Aside from these, we also provide Russian and Arabic interpreters. We believe that a good interpreter adds to the credibility of a business. That is why our professional services are lauded by clients worldwide. Our teams of trained and experienced conference interpreters are able to provide simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or whispering interpreting in a broad range of industries.

Which countries do you provide interpretation services for?

We mainly provide interpretation services for events in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have also managed events in other countries in Asia like China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, America, Russia etc.

If you need an interpreter in countries other than the above mentioned, please send us a request as we have local partners in other countries.

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Do I need a translator or an interpreter?

Translators work with written documents while interpreters translate verbally. If you need a document to be converted from one language to another, you require translations services. However, if you have an event which requires someone to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages, you require interpretation service.

Even though both translators and interpreters are very skilled in languages, the skills required for the respective jobs are significantly different.

How are enquiries handled?

When an enquiry is made, be it through skype, submission of web form, email or telephone, our Account Executives will contact you immediately to obtain more information. Our Account Executives will then select the interpreters in our database, ensure their availability and verify their compatibility with your requirements. The most suitable interpreter’s CV will be sent to our clients for selection.

What am I actually paying for?

Elite Interpreters Asia associates ourselves with only professional interpreters who go through a strict series of tests before projects are allocated to them. We know how to differentiate professional interpreters from bilingual speakers. Aside from this, we have also accumulated years of experience in coordinating different types of events, and will professionally manage the engagement of interpreters till the liaison work before and during the event. This gives you the assurance and peace of mind that the communication of messages in different languages and the progress of the events or meetings are smooth and professional, which in turn will enhance the image of your company.

We are also prompt and transparent in our service delivery, to save your time struggling with unnecessary worries. We would gladly provide you with the profiles of the interpreters assigned to your projects or events. This would allow you to verify if the interpreter fits your needs and expectations.

Are your prices tax-inclusive?

Elite Interpreters Asia Singapore (Co. Reg:200712718R) and Malaysia Office (Co.Reg: 001783324672) are registered for GST (Tax) in their respective countries. *(7% GST in Singapore, 6% GST in Malaysia)

All prices are GST-exclusive otherwise stated.

Elite Interpreters Asia (HK)’s pricing are NETT.

What are Elite Interpreters Asia's payment options?

Currently, we accept payment in Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer

Credit Card payment can be done via our PayPal link (subject to additional 4.5% Paypal admin fee). Please request this service from your Account Manager as a special link will be generated upon your request.

Will Elite Interpreters Asia abide by my company's Non-Disclosure Agreement?

When requested, Elite Interpreters Asia will readily sign you company’s NDA and ensure all security requirements are met.

Our staff and interpreters are required to endorse a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement and are thoroughly briefed on our internal security measures.