Translation and Interpretation Solutions for FinTech

International expansion and partnerships are buzzwords for FinTech companies as we witness phenomenal growth in the industry. Riding this next frontier can present roadblocks when stakeholders speak different languages and come from varied cultures. To secure successful outcomes from partnership negotiations and business meetings with potential investors, an experienced professional interpreter plays an important role to bring the right meanings across, dispel any possible miscommunication, and overcome cross-cultural barriers. By leveraging on multilingual translation and interpretation solutions for FinTechElite Interpreters Asia will help pave your road to success.

Inbound Tourism Events Solution

A Multilingual Website is Your 1st Step to Going Borderless – As your customer pool gets more global, you need to gain their trust with clear communication in the language they understand. Win their loyalty and confidence with precise factsheets, funds reports, and market overviews.

What It Covers?

> Multilingual Website > Multilingual Mobile Apps> Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
> Marketing Collaterals> Legal Notices and Security> Multilingual Online Banking Platform

Investor Accelerator Solution

Get Bullish On Growing Your Investor Pool – To effectively attract and serve investors all over the world, banks and firms need to be at the forefront of stock market information and deliver accurate funds reports promptly to investors in the language they understand.

What It Covers?

> Funds Reports> Portfolio Review> Factsheets and Sell-Sheets
> Guides for Investors> Prospectuses and KIIDs> Market Overviews
> Investment and Account Documentation

FinTech Events Solution

Attract FinTech Influencers and Attendees from Asia and Beyond – Eliminate language barriers in your FinTech events with the simultaneous interpretation of keynote addresses, seminars and conferences into the major languages of your attendees.

What It Covers?

> Transcription> Simultaneous Interpreting> Conference Equipment Rental

Business Meetings Solution

Ride the Next Frontier for FinTech – Global Expansion & Partnerships – To secure successful outcomes from partnership negotiations & business meetings, a professional interpreter plays an important role to bring the right meanings across and overcome cultural barriers.

What It Covers?

> Overseas Partnership Meetings> Interpretation for Investor Relations> Business Meetings & Negotiations
> Conference Equipment Rental> Partnership Agreements and Contract

Why Choose Us?

ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
Guaranteed Quality
Global & Technical Knowledge
Native Speaker / Specialist Only
Fast Turnarounds
Dedicated Account & Project management
Competitive Pricing
Unlimited Revision Rounds*

*Depending on scale of project

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