Court Interpreting

Court Interpreting or Legal Interpreting, is used to facilitate the comprehension of any legal matters that occurs in the court, tribunals or wherever a legal proceeding is held.

What makes Court interpreting special is, it could be done in the mode of a mix of or either Consecutive (e.g., witnesses’ testimony) or Simultaneous Interpreting (e.g., court proceedings). Even in the event of Simultaneous Interpreting is needed, only one interpreter is usually engaged for Court Interpreting due to the work nature. Court interpreter usually involves in the legal process since early stage, as early as the stage of getting witnesses’ testimony to the end of the whole court proceeding. We usually recommend engaging the same interpreter throughout the whole legal process for consistency and time-efficient purpose.

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In court proceedings, the court interpreter must not add or omit anything convey but to interpret word for word accurately. This is because every single word from the judge, lawyer and witness could possibly affect the result of the court proceeding.

There are other court interpreting methods like doing the interpreting through video conference (a popular method if the interpreter is only needed for a short time)

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