Elite’s Promise to our Clients

ELITE – We tend to be stringent in choosing our team workers but that is as far as our elitism goes. We believe our highest calling is for us to make language accessible to you in order for you to include as many new connections as possible in your business network.

LEADERSHIP – We believe in hard work and in developing traits and strategies that others would want to follow. We hold that a strong part of leadership is enabling business partners, like you.

INTEGRITY – We believe in upholding our commitment to language translation as a tool to convey meaning. We humbly admit that a big part of communication is doing what we say.

TRUST – We believe that the trust that our clients give should be carefully guarded. We believe in developing working relationships for the long haul.

EXCELLENCE – We believe that thoroughness and conscientiousness is imperative in producing work that is accurate and precise. We believe that the end product in any of our services should always foster better communication for your business internally, or with your clientele.

Which languages are in high demand in Asia?

The need for interpreters is increasing as globalization encourages cross-cultural trades. In Asia, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Korean interpreters are in high demand for conferences, summits, exhibitions and trade fairs. Of all the languages,, the demand for Korean interpreter is rising aggressively in conjunction with the rise of Korea in international trade market. At Elite Interpreters Asia, we have a reliable database for Korean interpreters across Asia and will assign the right candidate for your events.

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