Focus Group Interpreting

Focus Group Interpreting is used to facilitate the comprehension of discussions between the participants and the moderator of a focus group, to the organizer that is organizing the focus group session and speak a different language. However, you may wonder which method is more suitable for Focus Group interpreting as the nature of Focus Group seems to fit in for either Consecutive, Simultaneous and Liaison Interpreting.

The best method to conduct an effective Focus Group that involves foreign participants is to bring in Simultaneous Interpreting. The interpreter will sit in a booth in the room with a one-way mirror installed and interpret the discussions to the organizer. Simultaneous interpreting for focus groups is quite different  from any other form of interpreting, we will suggest providing adequate materials for interpreter to study in advance, as well as include our interpreter during the briefing session.

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Company: Q market research

Event: Focus Group Discussion & In-depth interviews

Needs: The moderator of the focus group is a English speaker while the participants are Japanese speakers. There will be a 1-to-1 in-depth interview session followed by the focus group discussion.



Simultaneous interpreting would be the best solution as simultaneous interpreters can do both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. During focus group interpreting, the interpreter will use either method to complete the focus group.