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At ELITE ASIA, we are all about bringing quality simultaneous interpreting system to all our clients, no matter what their event is, be it for conference or for business meetings. Our WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM is completely wireless. With its UHF frequencies, PLL synthesized design, noise-cancellation technology and long operational range (up to 200m away from the transmitter), our WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM provides our clients with the assurance that their delegates will be able to enjoy the complete conference session free from interference and interruptions.

Our WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM is most suitable for a small group of audience of up to 20 pax, and because the system is wireless and portable, as such the system can also be used in other settings such as closed door business meetings which require real time interpreting, as well as building facility visits.


Another benefit of the WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM is that it does not require for the highly complex and time-consuming setup of equipments and booths, unlike when making use of the usual conference interpreting system.


During the conference (or meeting), the speaker’s voice (A) will be transmitted from the stationary wireless transmitters to the receivers of the simultaneous interpreters (B). Thereafter, the interpreters will then use their portable wireless transmitters to interpret for their respective language audience (C), through their respective frequency channels.

The WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM consists of the following equipment:

•   Stationary Wireless Transmitter

•   Portable Wireless Transmitter with Head Microphone

•   Portable Wireless Receiver with Head Earphones

At ELITE ASIA, we provide our clients with interpreting equipment rental services, for both our full suite of digital conference interpreting system and our WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM, so as to cater to all the different interpreting environments and requirements.

Other than renting the WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM from ELITE ASIA, now you can also own a set for your own company’s usage! Contact ELITE ASIA now to find out more about this exciting new offer, and we will analyze for you the cost-benefit of owning a set of this WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM!

Talk to us now @ +65 6565 7166 or drop us an enquiry via our webform to find out more about our WIRELESS SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING SYSTEM and how this system can benefit your next event.